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April 2015 Case Study

Sarah-Jane is a parent to two boys aged 1yr and 2yrs old, she is married to their father. She is also pregnant with her third child, a baby girl, due in the next month. Sarah-Jane was referred to the parenting course by the Children’s Centre and has developed a good relationship with her tutor. She has had social services involvement with her children as she is from care herself and suffers from various learning difficulties including Autism. She has also spoken openly in the group about the abuse she suffered whilst in care and how this might have impacted on her parenting now. She has no contact with her family. However, she loves being a parent and wants to do everything exactly right, which can cause her to become quite stressed and upset if this is not the case.

Sarah Jane can become very anxious and nervous if things change in her group and we have worked hard with Sarah Jane to build her confidence and expand her friendship circle. She has now got a good group of friends that also attend the parenting course who regularly meet up with Sarah Jane outside of the group. They are all very understanding of Sarah Jane’s individual needs, which has really helped her confidence grow, so much so that she recently had her hair done in a new style and was happy to show everyone in the group, something that only a couple of months ago she would never have done.

Sarah Jane joined the group in September 2014, first completing the Level 1 Award in Caring for Children. She enjoyed it so much she progressed onto the Level 1 Certificate, giving her more topics to cover such as Health and Safety in the Home, Communication with Children and Positive Behaviour. The work can be difficult for Sarah Jane to manage, but with the support of the group and a little one on one attention she has progressed nicely and has produced some amazing work. She takes great pride in presenting her work.

Sarah Jane has become so much more confident in her abilities she is now able to voice her own opinion and ask questions when she doesn’t understand something. She is becoming more aware of her son’s individual needs and that of her new baby and is proving Social Services wrong by continuing to provide a safe and stable home for her children and by doing so has had the parenting order on her children removed. She is absolutely overjoyed and wants to continue her success with more courses in the future.


April 2015 Case Study

Chris is 34 years old and dad to five children. He does not have custody of any of his children but is currently following court proceedings to gain custody of his youngest daughter, who is in foster care. His two older boys are also in foster care and he has visitation with all three together at set times through-out the month. The two oldest children see Chris on separate occasions as they are in the custody of their mother. Chris has been in several relationships as his five children are from relationships with three different women. He openly admits to not doing the best for his children when they were younger and not making good choices. Furthermore, Chris did not have the best start in life and his own childhood was not good, therefore this did not give Chris an appropriate role model to copy.

Chris had suffered badly with depression as a young man, which turned into a bad habit of drugs and drink, spiralling his life out of control. He lost his job and his family. However, when he realised that both mothers had also lost custody of his children he gave up the drugs to concentrate on being a dad.

Determined to prove he could be a good dad to his children he started custody proceedings to get his youngest child out of foster care and living with him. He worked hard to get his job back and moved into a shared house to help him become more stable. He has regained his physical health and works out regularly to keep fit.

To prove to Social Services that he could be a good father to his daughter, Chris joined Parents with Prospects in January 2015. He has completed nearly two units and has successfully completed an outstanding parenting assessment after gaining knowledge and awareness on cooking with children, which was included in his assessment.

The Parents with Prospects course that Chris attends covers Health and Safety with Children, Positive Behaviour, Communication and Literacy with Children and finally Managing Money. This will gain Chris the Level 1 Certificate when he completes it in July 2015.

Chris has successfully halted the adoption process placed on his daughter and is continuing the fight to gain full custody. His parenting knowledge has grown tremendously and his determination to be the best parent he can be has shown his confidence rise in the new understanding of parenting he has. Chris has come a long way and continues to thrive under his new found knowledge.


Testimonial 1. Novermber 2014

Kim had a child when she was seventeen and leading a very unstable and unhealthy lifestyle. She smoked, drank alcohol and took drugs throughout her pregnancy and, although she tried to give these things up when her baby was born, the pressures of being a teenage mother was too much for her and she relapsed. The father of her baby was unknown and number of males came into and out of Kim’s life, leading to unhealthy relationships and an unsuitable environment for a baby. Feeling stressed and unable to cope with her situation, led to incidents where Kim did not give her baby the proper care needed. As a consequence of these combined factors, Kim’s baby was placed in care and eventually adopted.

Five years later, Kim discovered that she was pregnant again. The father of Kim’s baby is a man, known to Social Services, with a background of violence and a criminal record. Due to this and Kim’s history, a care order was placed on her unborn baby.

Kim was determined to try and be a better parent this time and enrolled on the Parents with Prospects course. Kim is on track to complete her qualification within the next four weeks and has commented on how useful she has found the sessions. Kim has made friends with other young mothers on the course and has taken inspiration from them in her quest to be a good parent. Kim has kept in contact with her new friends outside of the course, thereby bringing more positive and caring relationships into her life, to replace the negative and destructive acquaintances of her past.

The Level 1 Certificate that Kim is working towards includes a unit, covering healthy lifestyles for parenting. As a result of the knowledge and understanding gained from this unit, Kim has given up smoking cannabis and has also cut down significantly on smoking. Discussions with Kim’s social worker indicate that although there continues to be concern around her unborn baby, our parenting course forms an absolutely vital link in Kim’s progress as a parent.

Kim has very recently given birth to her baby and is keen to return to the sessions, bringing her new born baby with her. Kim has expressed a wish to continue with other parenting units once she has completed her Level 1 Certificate. Kim’s social worker considers her commitment to the parenting course to be very positive and a source of hope for the future of her baby. Discussions have been held about the relevance of Kim progressing on to Personal Development units, with particular emphasis on looking at relationships.

Support and guidance will continue to be offered to Kim through the parenting courses as she finds her way to being a good parent.


Testimonial 2. Novermber 2014

Josie is a young mum, with a 2 year old son. Although a loving mother, Josie leads a haphazard lifestyle. With a desire to improve her parenting skills, Josie had tried to attend other parenting programmes on previous occasions but poor time-keeping, disorganisation, difficulty in managing a weekly schedule and lack of attendance meant that she never completed any of these courses.

Josie enrolled on the Parents with Prospects course and discussions with Josie during induction and initial assessment about her attendance on other parenting programmes indicated that she became easily distracted in sessions, with low levels of concentration so she quickly lost interest and motivation. After a few weeks into the course, Josie commented on how interesting she found the sessions, explaining that she liked the range of learning activities that helped her to stay interested, learn and retain information. This was pleasing to hear and Josie’s attendance had been good, although she had been late arriving on occasions. During a review, we discussed Josie’s time-keeping in more detail and she explained some of the difficulties she was having, which made the morning routine of getting herself and her son ready. We talked through the use of a ‘Good Morning’ list to help ensure that the important morning routine things were attended to and the many distractions were dismissed. We went on to discuss the importance of being on time for the sessions, not only to avoid missing out on some activities but also the disruption it causes to others in the group. Josie was keen to improve her time-keeping skills and be thought of as a reliable person so she tried out the ‘Good Morning’ list and found that she was able to get to the sessions on time. In fact, as the course progressed, Josie started to arrive early for the sessions.

Josie completed the 16 week course and achieved the Level 1 Certificate, which made her feel very proud. Centre staff, who had known Josie for some years, commented on how impressed they were that she had succeeded in completing the course as she had a history of giving up very easily.

Josie wants to go on and complete further parenting units with us and has also requested to do the Work Skills course, in order to improve her chances of finding part-time work.


Testimonial 3. Novermber 2014

Sara is a single parent, with a two year old daughter. She loves being a parent and her life revolves around her daughter. In her quest to become a devoted parent, Sara started to neglect her own needs by failing to take prescribed medication on a regular basis, which had a detrimental effect on her energy levels and weight. Sara’s social life and circle of friends had slowly diminished since becoming a parent and although she had a good relationship with her sister and parents, she realised that she had no real friends anymore.

Sara was referred to the parenting course by the Children’s Centre and started the sessions, feeling very anxious and nervous. However it was not long before Sara struck up a friendship with one of the other learners in the group, Kim, another single parent, who, like Sara, had found herself in a situation where she had very little time to herself outside of being a mother. Within a couple of weeks, both Sara and Kim commented on how great it was to have two hours to themselves, knowing that their children were being well looked after in a room down the corridor of the building. The childcare facility also provided an opportunity for Sara’s little girl to become accustomed to spending time away from her mum. For the first couple of sessions, Sara’s daughter became upset and cried at the separation because she had grown very clingy. This was difficult for Sara to deal with at first but, with the support of the group and staff at the Children’s Centre, she worked through the transition and, as the course progressed and Sara’s daughter started to enjoy attending the crèche, Sara’s anxieties disappeared.

After completing the Parenting Award, Sara went on to complete a short Work Skills course. In the sessions, Sara was able to identify her transferrable skills and qualities, and explore how these related to suitable areas of work. Through this activity, Sara discovered two areas of work that she was interested in and which suited her skills and qualities. Sara commented on how motivated and focussed she had felt, even after the first session of the Work Skills course. The course not only looks at achieving work related goals but also at setting personal goals, which may need to be addressed first in order to open up the opportunity to work. As a result of this, Sara started taking her medication correctly and on a daily basis and after just week, had seen a difference in how she felt. Sara also started to look into local children’s nurseries to provide childcare for her daughter, which would enable her to get a part time job or do voluntary work to build up her experience.

Sara has now become a parent representative at the Children’s Centre and takes responsibility on designated days for planning and delivering activities to a small group of children. Sara is researching local companies and is looking forward to September, when her daughter attends nursery, allowing her to start a part-time job.


Testimonial 4. Novermber 2014

Amy had to move from her home to a new area with her two children as her partner was extremely violent and controlling, putting her and her children at risk of harm. Amy was referred to our Parenting course through the Children’s Centre.

Amy is a well organised person, who carries an air of responsibility and gives the impression of being very confident and self-assured. In the initial session of the course, which looked at how a child’s health is affected by a parent, who smokes, Amy became very defensive and was verbally confrontational on the matter. However, in a later 1 to 1 session, Amy was able to lower some of the barriers she puts up as a defence mechanism and explained how at the same time last year she and her two children had spent Christmas and New Year in a women’s refuge, with no money, no friends and no hope. During the session, Amy went on to talk about her childhood, describing how her father was an alcoholic and had died when she was a teenager. Amy explained how, at that time, her mother was not a supportive parent and so she lost her way in life, bouncing from one toxic relationship to another. However, despite these difficulties, Amy dearly loved her children and having them gave her the determination to make a better life for herself and her family. Amy’s journey to parenthood has been a tough one but her sense of responsibility and determination has shone through. Amy’s past difficulties have given her reason to be protective and, at times, defensive.

After getting back on her feet and establishing a safe and happy home for her children, Amy started to feel a desire to return to work. Amy harboured a wish to work in childcare but realised that she would need to gain a relevant qualification in order to pursue her dream and, despite her tough exterior, she felt daunted by the prospect of this. Completing the Parenting Award gave Amy the confidence and motivation to sign up for a Level 2 Childcare qualification, alongside a course with work experience.


Testimonials 5. November 2014

Lisa had two children when she was younger and in an unhealthy relationship that placed her and her two children in a vulnerable and unsafe situation. In addition to this, Lisa’s own childhood was not good and the ties with her own family had been severed. Lisa had no role models to provide guidance and support in being a parent. As a consequence of these combined factors, Lisa’s two children were placed in care and eventually adopted.

Lisa moved on with her life and is now in a stable and loving relationship, recently married. Lisa was over the moon to be pregnant again and keen to prove that she was responsible and capable of being a good parent. However, her previous experiences in parenting and the intervention of Social Services had left Lisa feeling low in confidence and desperately worried that her baby would be removed. Due to prior events, a care order was placed on Lisa’s unborn baby.

Determined to show that her situation had changed, Lisa joined our Young Parents-to-be course. This enabled her to gain knowledge, understanding and an awareness that she had previously lacked. Having completed the Young Parents-to-be course, Lisa felt motivated to continue building her knowledge and understanding in parenting so she progressed on to our Parents with Prospects course.

The Parents with Prospects course that Lisa attended covered healthy lifestyles for parents as well as the study of parenting skills. Lisa thoroughly enjoyed the course, which not only continued to build on her knowledge but also improve her self-confidence and esteem. Lisa worked hard and, having achieved a Level 1 Certificate, asked to continue studying, wanting to soak up as much knowledge as she could, giving her every chance to be the best parent she possibly could.

Lisa has now given birth to a baby girl and although she arrived four weeks early, she is in good health. Lisa makes sure that she keeps appointments with her social worker and health visitor and she is thrilled to report that all is going very well. Based on the progress she has made, Lisa is hopeful that the care order on her baby will be removed in due course. Of course, all new parents feel nervous and need support at times but Lisa now feels confident in the knowledge and understanding she has gained about parenting. She is determined to be a good parent to her beautiful baby girl and says that the parenting courses she attended gave her the opportunity to make this dream a reality.


Course evaluation sheets

YMTB Unit 1 – Antenatal Care and Preparation for Birth.

“I have learnt a lot and found it very interesting my tutor has been a great help.”
“I've enjoyed learning about the different pain reliefs and there effects but overall enjoyed everything and have taken away a lot of new found knowledge. I now know what to eat to be healthy.”
“I think this will help me with my baby a lot.”

YMTB Unit 2 – Caring for a young baby from birth to six months.

“Been a parent you never stop learning about your baby. This experience has made me aware of more dangers eg, cot death, smoking. Also I never really knew about breastfeeding and have enjoyed learning about it.”
“This unit has really helped me learn all signs for stages in baby’s first 6 months and how to care.”
“I really enjoyed the course it was explained fully and simply”

YMTB Unit 3 - The responsibilities of caring for a young baby.

“Learnt about the safety and importance of children’s toy, also how to store and administer medicines correctly and safely.”
“I enjoyed learning about illnesses, health records and toys. I now know the purpose of health records.”
“I found it really good + really enjoyed it.”

YMTB Unit 4 - Using planning skills to make a resource for a baby.

“I enjoyed planning the activity when making it. I also enjoyed learning which toys were good for each age group.”

PWP Unit 1 – Developing communication and literacy with children.

“This unit was fun I loved making the story sack and my children love it to, they have asked if they can take it to school and have chosen story's they would like to make.”
“Very much enjoyed this as I would go home and do story time and my child enjoyed that.”
“I have enjoyed this unit because it has made me understand the relevance of age related games and activities to help my child develop.”
“I really enjoyed this unit, interesting.”

PWP Unit 2 - Developing Relationships and play with children

“Found this unit very educational.”
“I found this course enjoyable and have learnt how to make activities fun and what the learn through activities / games, for when my son is born.”
“I’ve learnt a lot about all the different things I just do with the kids because its fun + they love to do that help them develop + learn and become great all rounded people.”
“Has helped me with playing games with my son.”
“This unit was easy to understand it has learnt me more about how to interact with my child.”

PWP Unit 3 - Healthy Eating for Children

“The most important thing I have learnt from this unit it is meal size and portions.”
“I have found out loads of different ways to support my child for when he starts eating by when he should be weaned and keep his teeth healthy. It is a very good eye-opener.”
“I found this unit very useful and I now know how to make my daughters lunch more fun and creative.”
“I enjoyed learning things about healthy food and weaning babies.”
“I understand better the importance of my children’s teeth, healthy eating etc. I will be feeding my children a healthier diet.”
“I was amazed by how much I learned during this unit. I feel that now I can choose much healthier alternatives for myself and my family.”

PWP Unit 4 – Keeping children safe and well

“I have enjoyed this unit because it has given me more of an understanding about some of the topics and I’ve gained more confidence in how to deal with them if they occur.”
“I feel a lot more comfortable on keeping children safe and well, I have learnt things I didn’t know and am happy to say I am glad I learnt the things I didn’t know or was not 100% sure on.”
“Every night I do a routine check around my home to make sure all of my appliances are switched off.”
“I enjoyed this unit especially exploring fun, healthy meals and snacks for my child in a safe clean environment. I also found the garden safety very interesting.”
“Coming along to this course parents with prospects has helped me a lot I have recognised different hazards and things that our important around the home. I have gained a lot more confidence too and it was nice meeting new people.”

PWP Unit 5 – Positive parenting skills

“I have really took a lot from this unit as I’m going through this stage with my daughter and it’s giving me more confidence as a single parent and is helping me improve my relationship with my daughter as we both have an understanding.”
“Made loads of friends.”
“I enjoyed learning about different behaviour problems and parenting styles.”
“I will miss this course and I have learnt a lot + enjoyed it.”

Unit 6 – Healthy Lifestyles for Parenting.

“Learnt lots of new things in a fun and sociable way great tutoring”
“The course was great and I made friends”

“I enjoyed this unit and feel I learned a lot from it.”

Unit 7 – Managing money for parenting.

“Enjoyed the course and meeting new people and found the tutor very supportive and understanding.”
“This unit helped me by encouraging me to finally write my budget sheet.”


Parents with Prospects course Feedback Oxfordshire 2013

"Enjoyed learning about this unit (keeping children safe and well). Learnt a lot to help in an emergency and now feel confident that I could manage a lot better with accidents." - young parent, Oxford



Britannia Road Children’s Centre: Feedback 2013

“Fun course but at the same time I have learnt so much” – young parent, Banbury
“I have learnt how important communication is for a child’s language development.” – young parent, Banbury
“I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people, interacting my brain, refreshing knowledge and making a future plan.” – young parent, Banbury
“I have learnt different types of communication skills” – young parent, Banbury
“I have learnt to be creative with storytelling and even make your own story with the things you’ve created. I enjoyed making the finger puppets from the Gruffalo. There was nothing I didn’t enjoy.” – young parent, Banbury
“I have learnt how to wean your new baby and what things to feed different aged babies.” – young parent, Banbury


Case Study Karolina Wisniewska, Gardeners Lane Childrens Centre 2013

Karolina Wisniewska was already doing the Young Mum’s to be course when I took over. She then enrolled on Parent’s with Prospects (PwP) and never looked back!
She is highly intelligent – especially as she is native Polish and English is her second language! She completed several units of work in PwP and never failed to surprise me. Her comprehension of the English language, coupled with her vast vocabulary, outshone everyone else in the group – in fact it made me slightly ashamed of the native English speakers that she put in the shade!
She had nearly finished her A-levels when she fell pregnant (planned with partner) and so never completed them. She is now 20 and her options are to go back to university as a mature student, complete an access to higher education course and begin studying Psychology at undergraduate degree level – in English, her second language!
She cannot start that until the next academic year so she is volunteering with the children’s centre where she was delivered the aforementioned courses. She will be used two-fold. The first of these will be as an interpreter. As many Polish people are migrating here she will the centre’s go to person for interpreting to and from Polish parents and to help with form filling and the like.
Her second responsibility will be as a learning mentor for the PwP course. The (usually) girls can only learn so much from me, a 40 year old man who has little or no experience of babies! Karolina will be there to help them with the course, to offer practical solutions to situations that they are facing for the first time and to generally be a friendly face in the classroom.
I am very much looking forward to working with Karolina in this capacity and she will be an enormous success, I am convinced. However, she will be going to university in September. She will.
YMTB + PWP Tutor Liam Kernan


Slade & Headington Children’s Centre: Oxfordshire, feedback from learners

May 2013

“Really enjoying learning and meeting new people” – young parent, Oxford

“There wasn’t anything I didn’t enjoy” – young parent, Oxford

“I’ve enjoyed learning how to communicate better as a parent and to work on my body language” – young parent, Oxford

“I’m enjoying the course very much” – young parent, Oxford

“I enjoyed making the speckled frogs. My daughter loves playing with it. She took it to her Nursery and her teacher loved it!” – young parent, Oxford


Rose Hill Children’s Centre: Oxfordshire feedback from learners.

May 2013

Here is a small amount of feedback that we have received from Adviza in Oxfordshire that run our PWP Parents with Prospect course.

“I learnt how to make creative things for my child and what dangers can occur in the household” – young parent, Oxford

“It was a great course as it allowed me to improve my confidence and learn new things” – young parent, Oxford

“I learnt a lot of stuff… but mainly how to be a responsible better parent” – young parent to be, Oxford

“I enjoyed this course very much. I have met some great people/Mums and now feel a lot more confident about being a mother” – young parent to be, Oxford

“Learning about how important reading and singing is has helped me put what I have learnt into practise and after practising I have seen my child is happy and excited when I put what I have learnt into motion e.g. turn off my TV and singing to him soothed him to sleep” – young parent, Oxford

“This unit (Unit 5 Positive Parenting skills) helped me learn how to encourage my child’s positive behaviour for now and future years to come. It also helped me think about how to manage naughty behaviour he may go through in the future” – young parent, Oxford

“I enjoyed this unit (unit 12 – career progression) however it required a lot more concentration and thinking compared to the others. It did help me come to a decision to improve on my GCSE’s and study more before going into work when me child is older” – young parent, Oxford


Tutor Training Courses 2011-13

A selection of comments from tutors and midwives.

“Thanks so much for allowing me to attend this training course – I am extreley passionate with
NCLP, PWP + YMTB programmes and I hope to be able to work really closely with you and develop more and more. Thanks again.”

“An excellent Course. I feel so much more confident now. I also will take away some good ideas for starter activities / ice breakers to use with my group. I’m looking forward to observing some groups at C.Centres.”


“It has been invaluable today – feel ready to move forward having seen the resources.
Thank you.”

“Would recommend to other midwives / health visitors who may be required to help in delivering the course.
Good to know how to contact others / course organisers.”

“Thank you – looking forward to getting started”



Review - April 2010
I feel that this course really helped me in so many different ways. It helped me to gain self-esteem and self confidence and helped me to believe in myself which I haven't done for a very long time. This course encouraged me to get up and move forward in my life rather than staying at the same old dead end. I have learnt you have to work for what you want, it won't just happen. I want to keep moving forward and not let my family slip back into its old ways.
Carla Wright


Interview for Radio 1 Newsbeat - February 2010

Interviews with young mums and dad Jack - you can 'listen again'. Enter Radio 1 Newsbeat, Jack and Rosie into a Search Engine and you will go straight to a short video of the interview.

Behind the scenes discussions:
"I feel so well prepared for labour, I know it will be hard but I feel confident"
"I want to breastfeed, I'm going to try"
"I've learnt so much and keep finding out more"
"I'm completely alone, leaving care, I just want some help for a year then I'm going to uni - I've had 5 offers deferred"


SureStart Children's Centre - October 2009

Parents with Prospects Provision - Q&As
"The course meets the needs of young people as parents and has made a difference to both the lives of themselves and their children."...

Has coming to the group made a differene to your life as a parent?
Yes, speak to my child differently
Increased confidence in parenting and knowledge
Information I need to know eg weaning
More aware of child's development and when to introduce activities to help this
Learning about appropriate toys/activities
What changes have you noticed in your chid?
My child is more confident
My child shares more easily
Inreased bonding
Increased child's creativity and imagination
Child doesn't mind being left and is less clingy
Health advice


JHP Training

I have achieved so much within the time I have been here. I first focused on getting all twelve units done and trying to get into college to take GCSE Maths and GCSE English at the weekend. I achieved both of these things.

I started to feel that I could achieve more as well as what I was already doing, so I decided to do a key skill as well. I suppose I could say I aimed high and I am now glad I did because I have nearly completed all of these things.

Since I have been here I have gained; a certificate in baby and toddler first aid, Life skills level 1 qualification, Key Skill in ICT and a place at college. I have achieved more here in the last six months than I gained in the last ten years of school.

The YMTB course enables you to gain so much - you gain a lot emotionally as well. It is a real advantage for young mums to put a stop to the negativity they receive and I hope the course runs for many years to come.

Alexandra Naomi Leach


Learner comments - March 2009

South West Regional Provision

"As I moved through the sections I learned a great deal about a number of things. Health and safety, bonding, routines etc it enabled me to change the things in my life that weren't working such as bedtimes and change things for the better". Abbey

"I feel the group is very educational it helped me gain confidence to be a mum and to be able to ask for help instead of worrying about what people think". Claire

"We have gained confidence with parenting" Emma

"Brilliant and Sound"! Kelly



Testimonials from Learners and Tutors - Most recent April 2008

Tutor Comment - Children's Centre, Gloucester
As the project continues I have had 15 learners progress from a level 1 qualification to a level 2 qualification. The course has really developed their personal achievement which they thought they may not be able to do.

Learner Comments
  • YMTB has given me more confidence in parenting
  • YMTB has given me a better understanding of Health & Safety. I found the bathing practice really helpful this gave me more confidence when I had to bath my baby
  • YMTB gave me information on labour & pain relief which helped me when choosing my pain relief options in my birth plan.
  • I have also learnt about really helpful tips and childcare.

    Tutor Comments - Children's Centre, Cheltenham
    The course is really good, easy to use and all of the information is there for you and the learner which is brilliant. It's easy to plan ahead because of the way it is set out, we get a Health Visitor, or Safety Officer for the relevant sections.

    The learners are enjoying doing the work, we have a mum and step dad who have turned up every week, and it has given dad confidence and has really helped them. We want to get to grips with this when the Easter break is over; we're hoping to get a good group together.

    Tutor Comment - Prospect Training Services, Gloucester
    The YMTB pack provides space for informed discussion in a relaxed and friendly environment which encourages achievement and attendance. The learners all have great pride in building their portfolios; this is particularly evident in those who did not achieve in a school environment.

    Learner Comments
    "Attending young mums to be meant I made new friends with shared experiences, I feel more confident in my skills in looking after a new baby; this includes more awareness of childhood illness and immunisations.
    I am more aware about sexual health and reliable contraception and also about money management and budgeting. I learnt lots of new skills, and I didn't realise how creative I could be".

    Tutor comment - Children's Centre A, Somerset
    The learners are really proud of their portfolios and take great care in presentation, some of them write out in rough before filling in the question pages. One learner doesn't write very well so she has typed everything up, it's been really good for her. Some have bought colouring pencils so they can colour in the sketches and decorate the work.

    They are all saying they want to go back to education; some want to wait but they've all enjoyed learning and want the portfolios to show they can stick at something when they are interested in it.

    Two girls were so keen to get their units that they attended Connexions for some sessions so they could get everything signed off.

    Tutor Comments - Children's Centre B, Somerset
    The resources are brilliant, so well put together and thought through, the back up is amazing so there are no worries for the tutors.

    The learners say "It's wow, it's for us and in a way we understand. We feel someone finally listened to us and has realised what we need for information and help". "We want to know how to survive; it's for us and the baby developing together, this is it".

    Tutor Comments - Children's Centre C, Somerset
    We started this course in January 2008 and have had consistent attendance from our Young Parents and the feedback from them has been very positive. We have good relationships with Health Visitors, Connexions and Family Nurse these agencies are aware of the course and are actively engaging with young parents to come to the course in the future.

    Comments from professionals
    "I came to the group with a young parent she was really nervous but as soon as another parent started talking about her fears she relaxed and did join in. In the car taking her home she said how much she had enjoyed the session and was keen to come back" - Connexions worker

    "It is great that this group is here- I tell all my families about it and will bring them here if that would help them to feel happy to come" - Family Nurse

    "I find the content of the course and the way it is set out helps with discussion. The group is getting on well and there is great communication going on between them all. Friendships are developing too" - Group Leader.

    Comments from Learners
    "I play with my son more. And I have learned about safety" - Jade

    "I am not letting him get away with stuff. We are playing more and he is talking to me at home. He is playing more with the children in the group because there are only a few of them he can join in and not feel scared" - Terri.

    "I communicate with him and we play" - Hayley

    "The sessions are interesting and I am learning to bond better with my kids. Better safety around the home" - Laura

    Tutor Comments - Children's Centre A, Dorset
    This is a really successful programme and the response from new parents and parents to be has been great. I think the format is easy to use with a really clear layout and good resources; backup from NCLP is also very good. It is fantastic that this is an assessed course. This is what gets learners through the door, they come to get the qualification but they get so much more out of it. "I'm really loving doing this".

    Learner Comments
    A dad-to-be attending the course said "I think there is a much better chance of me staying involved with the baby because I've done this course. I didn't think I could do anything, I'm really feeling involved" This young man is going to the maternity unit for the YMTB visit and he now feels he'll be helpful during the birth.

    Two learners are now attending who said they love the course but would never have dared to attend anything before.

    All the learners say they are learning more than they thought they would.

    New parents working through unit 4 (which includes labour and delivery) said they really wished they'd done the unit before their labour. They said they would have had much more confidence and control. They said the mums-to-be were really lucky to do it before hand.

    Tutor Comments - Children's Centre B, Dorset
    The materials are fantastic this has given us a great structure to work round, flexibility is paramount because of the user group; they dip in and out of sessions. We were in touch with two young mums who didn't want to come to young parents but are now attending because they want to do YMTB

    We are working with the YMTB course to begin with and will move on to the Parents with Prospects once we are more confident with everything. We are engaging with new young mums with young babies, the material is relevant and engaging. The group really regret that they did not have the opportunity to do the antenatal units before their babies were born, midwives are so impressed and think everyone should be able to do this course.

    Learner comments
    One learner was upset when she just couldn't keep up with the regime of the 6th form after her baby was born. She is so happy she is able to YMTB and feels she is learning and engaged. She wants to go on the PWP course.

    We have a mum to be, she was 16 a week ago, she is 26 weeks pregnant and was panic stricken. She is doing YMTB with the midwife and it is really helping her. Her own mum is helping her to go through the work at home too. She says that it's really "helping us to get our heads round it all".

    Tutor comments - Nacro, Poole
    The YMTB and PwP resources are fantastic; everything is there to deliver the courses and to deliver them well. We don't have to spend time developing and updating material. It's accessible and quick for the tutor and the quality assessment is all there too.

    Learners are very positive; the folders are extremely well received. They say the information is exactly what they want and it is relevant and interesting.

    Tutor Comments - Youth Project, Weymouth
    The packs are fantastic, they look so professional, as a tutor they make it so easy to deliver. The midwives are really impressed, they fight to work with the YMTB girls because they are so well informed and make the whole delivery so much better. The support from NCLP is really good, it's so important to the tutors to know there is someone really helpful at the end of the phone.

    Tutor Comments - Youth Centre, Devon
    The Parents with Prospects resources are excellent. They are so easy for me as a tutor to use. After the session the learners have lunch and they talk about what they have done, I've heard comments "I feel I've really learnt something worthwhile today".

    They love the packs, they find the writing easy to understand and everything is relevant to them and what they want to know. They say it's good to be able to do something educational about their baby. They want to get a 'proper qualification' and it makes it worthwhile because they really need the information.

    Three of the group have finished the three mandatory units and they now want to go on and do the rest of the units to complete the whole award.

    Tutor Comments - Children's Centre, Devon
    The resources are great, fantastic. Having units sectioned in easy to use and understand bite sized chunks makes it so user friendly. The learners soon get enrolled and enjoy getting going. The work is motivating and learners' attendance is excellent. There is a holiday next week and the learners have asked if they can come in on their day off.

    The way the pack is designed and put together is motivating. Some learners have literacy needs but they can still cope as we do lots of group work and reading together.

    Learner Comments
    One learner said that the course had been so good and she had enjoyed the work so much she has now applied and is going to start college in September. She wouldn't have thought of doing so without this course.

    Lots of learners have not engaged in education for years and this is the first time, they are now back being engaged and are having positive learning experiences. They have something to focus on and are making friends. This group now meets for lunch with the children; it's made a real difference.


    Disc Ltd - May 2008

    Kelly "A very happy student from Young Mums to Be"

    When connexions told me about this course I wasn't sure I wanted to do it because the last course I did was at college and really knocked my confidence but I decided to give it a go. When I had my daughter it was really overwhelming and there has been a time when I have tried things from the course with my daughter and they have worked.

    I would recommend the course to any young mum to be, I have all my confidence back and my relationship is better with my partner and daughter.


    When I first started the ymtb course it was nothing like I imagined it to be. As a parent already, I thought I knew most things, but after a few weeks on the course I realised there were a lot of things I didn't know. I have learnt a lot of things about breastfeeding, money management and further education. I have enjoyed coming on this course and meeting new friends who are in the same situation as me.


    I've learnt a lot since I've been on the course and it was also nice meeting new people in the same situation. I really enjoyed the course and would advise any young mum to be to join.


    Doing the ymtb course has prepared me for motherhood, and any queries I had have been answered. I loved making my baby book and pillow as I could imagine using them with my baby. I also enjoyed the relaxation techniques as I used them at home when I couldn't sleep. I'd advise any other pregnant teenagers to take this course as you become more confident in your own ability to be a mum.

    This course is a great way to prove to people how serious you are about becoming a mother and gives you something to do throughout your pregnancy that seems to last forever.


    The positive thinking in Unit 1 made me feel better about myself; Unit 3 was really good as I enjoyed making my baby book. I did get worried in Unit 4 when I realised labour was going to hurt, then we did about relaxation and positions for labour these made me feel 100% better. Money is always an issue but Unit 6 just helps so much. I am convinced I will spend my money wisely. I now know what I would like to do in the future thanks to this course, it helped me very much and I would advise all young mums to take part.


    I would recommend the ymtb course to teenagers I know are pregnant because I feel you learn a lot from this course, it is a great way to make friends and it helps you to become a better mother. You can learn things you're not sure about and there is always someone you can talk to. I find this course offers a lot more than a qualification.


    JHP Birmingham - August 2008


    I am 17 years old and have been on the Young Mums To Be course for a while now and I have learnt a great deal about being a mom and the responsibilities of being a parent.

    The two units which I enjoyed the most would have to be Unit 12 and 4. I have picked Unit 12 as this unit I planned my future with childcare, work and education. I also learnt about child's play, illness and safety as a child grows up which I feel will be 100% useful for me or any mother and father.

    There is nothing from this course that I feel was a waste of time to learn and I would definately recommend this course to all young mums to be.


    Prospect Training - Gloucester

    Cara Carpenter

    This course has been informative and prepared me for what's to come in childbirth and looking after myself and my baby.

    As well as getting me prepared for being a new mum, it's taught me other things such as budgeting and planning ahead in order to have a stable and healthy lifestyle for myself and my baby.

    I would like to thank the YMTB group for helping me turn into a young confident mum to be. Thanks to you I can't wait to be a mum now, and put all things I've been taught to the test.




    The YMTB course

    Verity Clarke - NACRO Peterborough.

    The YMTB course has given me confidence to succeed by myself. It has helped me prepare myself for all aspects of being a mother, from labour to budgeting and education!! I have never enjoyed any work as much as this. The YMTB course has encouraged me to be positive about situations that seem difficult because you always come out at the other end.

    I want to stay positive and be a good mum, work towards getting qualifications, complete my courses at Starriford College, achieve grade A-C in Maths and English, and head towards a career in beauty therapy.



    YMCA Training Families Matter Project, Castle Hill Early Years Centre, New Addington

    My reading and writing and spelling was not good because I did not have anything to write or educate me. I came to Families Matter to help me with money and unwind and K..... in the creche was fun for him.

    My reading got better and now I am near the end I am trying to educate myself more. I will be ready for college when K.... is a year old. I would like to stay here longer. I did not think of college before coming here. I will really miss Young Mums To Be, my life is so much better now.

    YMTB Learner.

    The course itself is wonderful; I have gained a lot of knowledge about pregnancy and parenthood and enjoyed every task I had to do because the work was made so enjoyable to complete.

    YMTB Learner.



    Restarting my veterinary course

    Ashley Burge - Prospect Training Services, Gloucester

    Since leaving the ymtb course I have had my gorgeous little boy Aaron James. I have also restarted my veterinary course (National Course in Animal Management). I never thought it would be possible to have a child and a career as well, but I guess it is and I'm doing it!

    I am very glad I decided to continue my college course, it will take me longer because I am part-time now but I know it will be worth it in the long run and my son will have a mum to be proud of and then I will definately be proud of myself.

    Thank you again for all your help, Aaron is a very happy baby at eleven weeks, "talking" to me, smiling and nearly laughing!



    My Experience at YMTB

    Akeeza Toorabally - YMTB Woodgreen

    I was going through emotional issues which got me down but the fact that I had the extra support from YMTB tutors and students helped me through some troubled times. I worked so hard on each unit and the numeracy Key Skill, which I achieved and I enjoyed doing the work.

    I am now a lot more relaxed and confident in the work I produce and eveything I do and I have completed all my units.


    Tilisha Bristol YMCA Training

    'The staff don't just do the pregnancy course work, we go to social security, we go on shopping trips. I was terrified when I came here now I feel confident to be a mum'


    Kerry Taylor-Bright Prospects Gloucester

    I found it difficult to stop smoking and tried many times before I got pregnant. I knew I had to do it for my baby so I decided to stop altogether. I didn't need patches but I had support from Anabel (Smoking cessation midwife) and Sally (Tutor) at YMTB and have achieved my Stop Smoking Certificate.


    Miriam Williams JHP Training Birmingham

    'Being part of this YMTB course has been a very positive part of my life and I have enjoyed every aspect of it. I started this course with a handful of knowledge and I know that I am going to be leaving with buckets full of knowledge and information about health in my pregnancy'


    Jenna Stoker Honeypot Charity New Forest

    'I have learned so much in such a short time I never thought it would have been possible to cover this much work. If someone had said to me a few weeks ago I would have completed 3 units of a NVQ I would never thought it could be done'.


    Ashfield School Re-integration Unit Nottingham

    We have found the YMTB pack to be very well structured and comprehensive, forming an excellent basis for relevant education in this area. The young mums-to-be have readily engaged in the learning process during sessions and the materials are both attractive and accessible.

    Of the girls accessing the project to date, all have remained in education to complete their studies and of these 2 have gone on to University; one now in her 2nd year studying Psychology at Derby and the other in her 1st year at Nottingham studying Mental Health Nursing. A 3rd young mum is studying HND computing at our college, another studying Childcare within the 6th form. Two young mums are now working part-time to support their families.

    Without exception it has been amazing to witness the transformation of typically nervous, frightened girls facing an uncertain future (often separated from their child's father and receiving little in the way of family support); into confident, assertive young women who have built a new network and are carving their own niche within society.

    Baroness Gould an advocate of children's rights and parenting education visited the project recently and was 'enormously impressed'.


    My comments on the YMTB course......


    Before I started the course I didn't know that much about babies and the best way to bring them up. Now after doing nearly all of the course I feel like I can bring my baby up in the best way I possibly can and I know that when anyone gives me advice I already know the best way I think of doing it.

    I have never started and actually finished anything in my life and I feel very proud of myself that I have stuck at this course right till the end for me and my baby.

    I am glad that there is this course for young mums because many of them may feel or be alone and here is a very good place to meet others in a similar situation to you.

    I enjoyed doing unit 3, especially unit 5 because I am really proud of the toy I made for my baby. Unit 6 was hard but I learnt a lot about money management which I thought I needed help with.

    Unit 10 I also enjoyed I liked the application to be a parent part I thought that was funny. Unit 11 was really hard for me because I don't really know what I am good at I haven't got a lot of experience but I got through it and I found out some of my good qualities. Altogether I enjoyed the whole course, meeting new people and learning new things it has contributed to the kind of mother I will be in the future


    NACRO Training video

    A video clip of NACRO training
    (Please click the link, this will download the video clip to your computer and will automatically start playing)

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