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8 February 2016

Worcester Delivery Locations

Location: Bluebell Children’s Centre, Worcester, WR5 1PP
Day & Time: Monday 10.00-12.00
Course/Units Parents with Prospects
Tutor Mickey Newport

Location: Inspire Redditch
Monday 13.00-15.00
Level 1 Certificate in Caring for Children

Treetops Children's Centre Wyre Forest
Wednesday 9.30-11.30
Level 1 Award in caring for Children
Tutor Jo Morris

Treetops Children's Centre Wyre Forest
Level 1 Certificate in Caring for Children
Thursday 9.30-11.30
Tutor Jo Morris

Wands Children's Centre
Wednesday 13.00-15.00
Level 1 Award in Caring for Children
Tutor Jo Morris

Sandycroft Centre Redditch
Thursday 13.00-15.00
Level 1 Award in Caring for children
Tutor Jo Morris

Tutor Jo Morris


July 2014


Parent to be and Parents with Prospects now both hold the government new quality mark for Parenting programmes – CANParent


Happy 2013!

Wow - what a year 2012 has been. We are working with county councils across the South West and nationally, we're even working in the USA. Foundation Learning has enabled us to provide our YMTB and PWP courses together with other educational and life skills training. This year will see us developing even more on-line training, apps and new antenatal resources.

Download our Alphapets app for reading, writing and speaking skills for tinys and toddlers. Available for all smart phones and tablets.


January 2012

Increased Credit Values

We had realised for some time that the young parents completing our qualifications were receiving less credits than those awarded for similar qualifications.

This has been fully investigated by Edexcel and Ofqual and the unit credits have now been increased in line with other qualifications. This makes a huge difference to those completing the award - and of course providers who rely upon funding for achievement. Our brochures do not yet show the new credits - please contact us for more information.


April 2011

Parents with Prospects DVD

Our new 6 minute Parents with Prospects DVD is now available to play from our NCLP website. The DVD gives a snapshort of the PWP programme during a session, learners give their comments and our tutor explains what is happening. This is a Surestart Children's Centre in Gloucestershire.


January 2011

Graham Allen Independent Report

Early Intervention: The Next Steps

This independent Report highlights and reinforces previous findings that the first years of a child's life are vitally important to his or her life chances. The cycle of teenage pregnancy can be broken..

"Early intervention to promote social and emotional development can significantly improve mental and physical health, educational attainment and employment opportunities. ealy Intervention can also help to prevent criminarl behaviour (especially violent behaviour), drug and alcohol abuse and teenage pregnancy".


Decemeber 2010

Frank Field Foundation Years Report

This is an excellent report and well worth reading.... Page 7 para 10... "Children's Centres should ensure all new parents are encouraged to take advantage of a parenting course. Midwives and health visitors should work closely with Centres and ensure a consistency of service is provided, with continuity between the more medical pre birth services and increasingly educational post natal work...." There are many more references to the importance of parenting courses - accredited courses like YMTB and PWP have the added advantage of provding a pathway back into education, training and at an appropriate time work.



August 2010

The Health in Pregnancy Grant is coming to an end

"As part of the Government's wider measures to tackle the UK's current financial deficit, the Health in Pregnancy Grant (HiPG) is coming to an end. Priority now is to help ensure that healthcare professionals have access to the correct information to pass on to expectant mothers, to help those still eligible, to claim.

Midwives and GPs are asked to continue to advise on, to issue and to sign HiPG claim forms for women who will reach their 25th week of pregnancy before 1st January 2011"


August 2010

Benefits of reducing Teenage Pregnancy

YMTB contributes to reducing unplanned pregnancies. Third, fourth and additional pregnancies can be a result of lack of motivation, aspiration and educational opportunities. YMTB and Parents with Prospects courses help to reduce barriers around career posibilities. Once engaged in learning parents and babies benefit.

Between 1998 and 2008, the under-18 conception rate
fell from 46.6 per thousand women aged 15 to 17 in 1998,
to 40.5 per thousand in 2008. If the conception rate had
remained at its 1998 level, this would have equated to
42,000 extra conceptions, of which 22,000 would have
resulted in births. While it is not possible to attribute all of the reduction in teenage pregnancy rates directly to the Teenage Pregnancy Strategy, it is clear that it has yielded a wide range of savings. Reducing teenage pregnancy rates cuts abortion and maternity expenses as well as costs associated with supporting vulnerable teenage parents, including work to improve outcomes for them and their children, payments of income support, housing and child benefit.
Every �1 invested in contraception saves the NHS an
estimated �11. There is a strong economic rationale for continuing prevention work around teenage pregnancy and also for supporting young parents to prevent them being not in education, employment or training (NEET).


January 2010

Improving Health - Reducing Inequalities Award

The YMTB Portland Project delivered by NACRO in has won recognition at the Dorset County Health and Social Care Awards. The award was to highlight the outstanding work achievements by NHS staff and workers in social care.

Tutors, Midwife Sonia Harding and Youth worker Jodie Waller are experienced YMTB tutors, they are delighted that the centre has received this recognition.

Learners have achieved qualifications raising their confidence. They have new found parenting skills improving their own lives and those of their babies and children.


QCF - Information

Foundation Learning qualifications in Parents to Be and Parenting

Edexcel and NCLP have developed qualifications within Foundation Learning, available for teaching from September 2009. These qualifications are mapped to the YMTB and Parents with Prospects training programmes and resources are available for delivery immediately.

The qualifications are:

Qualification title
Edexcel Entry Level Award for Parents to Be
(YMTB) Reference number 500/6340/6
Edexcel Level 1 Award for Parents to Be
(YMTB) Reference number 500/6342
Edexcel Level 1 Award in Parenting
(Parents with Prospects) Reference number 500/6341/8
Edexcel Level 1 Certificate for Parents to Be and in Parenting (YMTB & PWP) 500/6343/1

Our YMTB and Parents with Prospects programmes are cited as best practice in a number of documents:

Learning for Young Mothers Report 441: A qualitative study of flexible provision - LSC/IES.

Teenage Parents Next Steps: Guidance for Local Authorities and Primary Care Trusts - DoH Dept for Children, Schools and Families

Multi-agency working to support pregnant teenagers- a Midwifery guide to partnership working with Connexions and other agencies - DoH Dept for Education and Skills

NCLP provides a package of support and guidance which ensures high quality delivery of these awards. Centres registered with NCLP are able to develop flexible, tailor made programmes, recruiting their own fully qualified staff. NCLP ensures centres are confident in programme delivery following the model of success achieved over the past 7 years in our centres nationally.

A contract with NCLP includes:

High quality training materials which are UNICEF UK BFI approved
Tutor Support Materials which include a wealth of information including resource answers and background information, quizzes and handouts
Individual Tutor training
Hot line information and support
Tutor assessment paperwork and assessment guidance
Internal Verification and Registration with Edexcel

The specification for these qualifications are at:

The qualifications have been approved by the Secretary of State under Section 96 (for those aged under 19) and Section 97 (for those aged over 19) of the Learning and Skills Act 2000:

The qualifications also appear on the National Database of Accredited Qualifications:

And are also on the Learning and Skills Council�s Learning Aims Database:

The qualifications are eligible for funding by the Learning and Skills Council from September 2009.

(Note: when searching for these qualifications on the sites above, use 50063406, not 500/634/06).


April 2008

Funding available for young parents and parents-to-be through the LSC and Family Learning, Literacy and Numeracy (FLLN) - delivered through Adult and Community Learning

In September 2007 NCLP/PTS was awarded funding by the South West Regional LSC to deliver a training development programme for teenage parents and parents-to-be until 31st March 2008.

All the contractual targets were met and NCLP/PTS was awarded a further twelve months funding within the same LSC region; 1st April 2008 - 31st March 2009 and 1st April 2009 - 31st March 2010

The programmes have been delivered by around nineteen providers (mainly Children's Centres) throughout the SW counties and NCLP has trained all Tutors and Support Workers including Midwives and Community Workers for the projects.

The specific objectives attached to the funding are:

"To extend the skills of those who are expecting a child, or who have recently had a child, in coping with pregnancy and the early months of a child's life. Providers may choose how best to put together modules looking at issues such as pregnancy and labour, how to obtain support, healthy eating for mothers and for young children, early child development, literacy and numeracy, and should provide opportunities for learners to achieve or work towards qualifications up to Level 1".

This is how the NCLP YMTB skills for life and Parents with Prospects (PwP) awards meet the objectives:

  • Skills for Life (Basic Skills) and Key Skills are embedded and mapped throughout all units of the packs, however the following units are particularly relevant to Communication, Application of Number and Information Technology.

  • YMTB & PwP - Unit 8 - Communication maps directly into the Core Curriculum and learning is embedded in the tasks and assignments. Guidance is mapped into the tutor support pack to enable the Key Skill 'Communication' to be achieved with evidence drawn from the YMTB learner pack. Additional tasks and assignments have been added to the tutor support pack to ensure that all requirements of the Core Curriculum are fully covered.

  • YMTB Unit 6 & PwP Unit 10 - Money Management with some additional evidence maps directly into the Core Curriculum and learning is embedded in the tasks and assignments. Guidance is mapped into the YMTB tutor support pack to enable the Key Skill 'Application of Number' to be achieved with evidence drawn from the YMTB learner pack.

  • YMTB Unit 3 & PwP Unit 9 - IT (Information Technology) Skills although not specifically required by the LSC these unit has also been mapped into the ICT Key Skill at level 1.

    All YMTB Tutors are specifically trained to deliver the award; this training is mandatory and is free of charge upon the issue of an initial centre licence. Over 250 tutors nationally have been trained and evaluation shows this training to be of an extremely high standard.

    NCLP programmes are widely recognised as comprehensive parenting support courses which inspire and motive young parents and parents to be.

    Any project working with young people should open doors to further learning, and should support ambition and achievement. We welcome the opportunity of working with providers of excellence to make this happen.

    We are delighted that the YMTB and Parents with Prospects (Developing Skills in Effective Parenting) NCFE accredited awards covers the above criteria.


    April 2008

    Tutor Support - Unit 9

    Additional information has been added to the answers for the Contraception Quiz in Unit 9.

    Please see Page 34 of the Tutor Support for this unit.


    July 2008

    News Articles

    We have uploaded the newspaper reports about YMTB for learners to use in Unit 1 Element 2. They can be downloaded from Unit 1 of the secure website. These are large documents and will take longer to download. Please be patient.


    April 2009

    Partnership with Edexcel now Pearson

    We are delighted to advise our providers that the qualifications YMTB and Parents with Prospects are available through Pearson & Cache on the Regulated Quality Framework.

    The qualifications integrate YMTB - Skills for Life Competence and Parents with Prospects into an exciting award structure building on and enhancing our existing programmes.



    April 2009

    Pearson & NCLP QCF Press Release

    Please click on the link below to view our joint press release.



    July 2009

    NAPP - National Academy of Parenting Practitioners

    NAPP recently issued information under the heading 'Focus on...teenage parents' this gives information regarding the YMTB course as fully evaluated by NAPP. Parents with Prospects is also included on the NAPP Commissioning Toolkit


    November 2007

    NCFE - YMTB Skills for Life Competence Award


  • The YMTB Skills for Life Competence Award was delivered as a non accredited course until 2002

  • All Providers were running the accredited course by November 2003

  • Since accreditation 3,111 learners have been registered for the YMTB - Skills for Life Competence Award

  • In the 12 month period August 2006 - August 2007, 552 learners were registered

  • From these registrations 467 learners have achieved the YMTB award

  • 42 learners are working towards achievement

  • Only 7.8% (43) of learners have withdrawn

  • The overall achievement rate to date is 84.6%. This figure will increase over the next few months as learners continue to achieve

  • Young dads to be also achieve the YMTB Award (at present our records do not differentiate between male and female learners). Many centres support young dads to be who are included in the sessions

  • On average the learners have achieved 7 units per portfolio

  • There are now 40 Providers nationally.

    Portfolios are assessed, internally and externally verified to level 1 standard.


    November 2007


    On 19th November we moved to new premises. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and delays in responding to your emails.
    Our new address is:

    Kestrel Court
    Waterwells Drive
    Waterwells Business Park
    GL2 2AT

    Our new telephone number is:
    01452 886416

    Our new fax number is:
    01452 886423

    The email addresses remain the same.


    July 2007

    YMTB cited in multi-agency guide

    Multi-agency working to support teenage parents-A midwifery guide to partnership working with Connexions and other agencies.

    This Guide has been written with the aim of improving outcomes for pregnant teenagers and new teenage parents, particularly those under 18. See pages 16 and 19

    This guide is available to downloaded from the following website:



    July 2007

    YMTB & PWP cited as best practice

    Teenage Parents Next Steps: Guidance for Local Authorities and Primary Care Trusts - Case studies on pages 29 and 57.

    Beverley Hughes states in her introduction "In chapter 6, we set out our vision for what we want each local area to provide for teenage parents and what we will do nationally to support them to deliver more tailored and responsive services. It does not place new burdens on services, but looks in particular at how key mainstream services - midwifery and health visiting services, Children's Centres, Targeted Youth Support services, Reintegration officers and Housing officers - can tailor the support they provide so that it better meets young parents' needs. It makes the case for an integrated approach to supporting young parents, with support from different agencies brokered through a lead professional."



    February 2008

    YMTB Tutor Support Units

    All the Tutor Support Units for the New YMTB - 'young mums and dads to be' Student Pack are now available on the secure website.

    All Tutors will need to download the units as and when they receive the New Student Packs. The Lauren & Ben Evidence Sheets, Standards and Assessment Plans will also need to be downloaded.

    There have been some changes made to all these documents to accommodate the inclusion of Young Dads To Be and to comply with the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative


    Januray 2016

    Drinking alcohol when pregnant

    From January 2016 the new Department of Health limits & advice about drinking alcohol replace the previous research & advice last done in 1995.

    Men and women should drink no more than 14 units of alcohol a week - the equivalent of six pints of average strength beer or seven glasses of wine - in order to keep their health risks low, new guidelines have recommended.

    The rules also say that it's best not to "save up units" and drink them all in one go and to make sure you have alcohol-free days.

    New guidelines for pregnant women have now been updated in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to be clear that no level of alcohol is safe to drink in pregnancy.



    8 February 2016

    Herefordshire 2016

    Greencroft Children's Centre
    Monday 10.00-12.00
    Level 2 Certificate in Caring for children & Young People
    Tutor Cathy Williams

    Lord Scudamore School Hereford
    Monday 13.00-15.00
    Level 1 Certificate in Caring for children
    Tutor Cathy Williams

    The Hope Family Centre Bromyard
    Level 1 Certificate in Caring for children
    Level 2 Certificate in Caring for children & Young people
    Tutor Cathy Williams

    Ross Children's Centre
    Level 1 Certificate in caring for Children
    Tutor Cathy Williams

    Widemarsh Children's Centre
    Level 2 Certificate in Caring for children & Young people
    Tutor Cathy Williams

    Ledbury Children's Centre
    Level 1 Award in Caring for children
    Tutor Cathy Williams


    March 2016

    NCLP move 2016

    NCLP will move to head office on 22 March 2016

    C4 Brunel Court
    Waterwells Business park
    GL2 2AL

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