Available Funding for Parenting Education

The new QCF qualifications have been approved by the Secretary of State under Section 96 (for those aged under 19) and Section 97 (for those aged over 19) of the Learning and Skills Act 2000:


The qualifications also appear on the National Database of Accredited Qualifications:

And are also on the Skills Funding Agency Learning Aims Database:

Delivery of accredited training awards:

  • YMTB - Award for Parents to be Entry Level 3 and Level 1
  • Parents with Prospects - Award in Parenting Level 1
  • Certificate for Parents to be and Parenting
  • Diploma for Parents to Be and in Parenting

    Our two awards fit into various funding routes:

    • Young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) or at risk of becoming NEET
    • LONE parents
    • Teenage Parents
    • Pregnant Teens
    • People with no or low qualifications
    • Homeless
    • From ethnic minorities
    • In care
    • Vulnerable groups
    • Drug & alcohol misusers
    • Young offenders
    • Those not yet ready to enter into mainstream training and/or employment
    • From other disadvantaged groups, including people experiencing multiple disadvantage
    • Those with learning difficulties or disabilities

    Both the YMTB and PwP holistic training courses:

    • Teach practical parenting skills to help with the care of the child
    • Provide information and support to increase rates of breastfeeding
    • Improve awareness of health with regard to diet, smoking, drugs, alcohol etc
    • Raise aspirations and self-esteem
    • Help learners achieve an accredited award
    • Are a means of bringing together isolated pregnant teenagers and parents
    • Improve the employability and skills of unemployed learners
    • Help with Money Management
    • Improve awareness of safety in the home.

    The following links may be helpful:

    National Lottery
    For Lottery bids please go to:www.lotteryfunding.org.uk/england.htm

    Children In Need

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