YMTB and PWP accredited qualifications

Parenting Education with a difference. Our courses are 'roll-on-roll-off' and allow delivery in various settings:
  • Static centre full time - Over 4 or 5 days, 2 - 5 hours per day

  • Residential - Units possible in 3 to 4 days

  • Outreach - Minimum 2 hours per week

  • Drop in Centres - Flexible provision over a maximum of 2 years

  • One-to-one or Group work
The qualifications are designed for mums and dads-to-be and parents of all ages. Dads and Partners are able to complete the award and join in with the training where this is appropriate in a centre.

Each learner receives the relevant work book of units designed to enable them to achieve the Award or Certificate they choose. The units slot into a lose-leaf portfolio:

Image of young mum working through the learner pack

Various units cover key areas of need:

  • Antenatal Units focus on antenatal care. Units are approved by UNICEF UK - Baby Friendly Initiative
  • Specialist Units are dedicated to care of the newborn and young children. Units are approved by UNICEF UK - Baby Friendly Initiative

  • Healthy Lifestyles Unit addresses diet, smoking, alcohol, drugs, exercise, stress, relaxation, contraception and sexual health

  • The responsibilities of caring for a new baby and rights around the welfare of children are discussed and explored. Workskills Units are recommended
  • Father friendly information and guidance is embedded throughout valuing the role of dads and partners
  • Questions, tasks and quizzes are non gender specific

Clear instructions and interesting tasks have been designed for all abilities and learning styles.

Each Unit has been designed to introduce the learning around a topic of interest or need. For example:
  • Money Management relates to shopping and household budgets with a baby in mind. Saving and spending is considered and the cost of borrowing and credit is highlighted.

  • IT skills are used in the planning and making of a toy or resource chosen by the learner. Many beautiful designs and items have been submitted.

  • Literacy, relationship building and communication skills are improved through embedded learning
Discussion work is an integral part of the course and is a means of bringing together isolated pregnant teenagers.

Image of two young mums discussing their work

This atmosphere of belonging and trust is vital in raising confidence and self-esteem. It forms a platform for the learning and achievement which arises during the course of the training.

The various topics are supported within the training centres by professionals already working with this group wherever possible. It is by linking with other organisations, agencies and professionals that courses ensure the continued support and success of the young people involved. Connexions, SureStart, Social Services, Teenage Pregnancy Health Professionals, Colleges and many other local groups are actively involved with the many courses running.

Image of group work

The course delivers:

  • Accessible, up to date antenatal care and advice approved by UNICEF UK which does not intimidate or patronise

  • Education designed to address specific needs and concerns, for example sexual health, contraception etc.

  • Health education with regard to diet, smoking, drugs, alcohol etc.

  • Communication building designed to help those who need more confidence, may have been fostered or have left home or where English is a second language

  • Signposting to other agencies and organisations able to help and support young parents

  • Confidence and self-esteem building programmes

  • Practical parenting skills to help with the care of the newborn and young child.

How YMTB and PWP programmes work with the NEET group (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

Many young people do not become NEET by choice. A choice of provision that is attractive to young people is crucial if they are to achieve the skills they need for life and work. Finding appropriate provision can be particularly difficult for young people with individual needs - such as pregnant teenagers.

Under the NEET strategy Post-16 learning providers need to:

  • Be flexible over course intake dates, ensuring young people can start, at any time, throughout the year

  • Offer a flexible mix of learning provision

  • Encourage networking and partnership working

  • Help young people completing courses to make the next step - either to further learning, training or work

  • Provide suitable provision for pregnant teenagers who want to re-engage in learning and allow time for regular medical appointments

  • Engage learners who have a history of 'dropping out'.

  • Our learning programmes offer all of the above. This learning is effective in supporting County Councils and support agencies to meet NEET strategies and targets.

    Appeals Procedure:

    Why you may feel you wish to appeal.

    • You are worried about the way an assessment was carried out
    • You feel that your evidence shows that you have covered the performance criteria and knowledge but that the Assessor has misjudged your ability.

    Before you appeal you should talk to your Assessor explaining your concerns. If you feel that you still have a problem after talking to your Assessor and/or a Manager in the centre you need to start the Appeals Procedure by contacting your Internal Verifier.

    The Internal Verifier for:

    • The NCLP – Award in Parents-to-be and in Parenting is

    Rachel Coss – Tel: 01452 886416 or 0789 191 9998

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