Parenting Education
In order to provide the QCF programme please contact us to discuss your requirements and a contract with NCLP. The contract with us ensures the consistency and quality of the programme nationally, the success of each centre, is our success. Within this framework providers develop their own unique delivery programme, from 2 hours per week to 16 hours per week. Our commitment is to excellence of delivery, assessment and internal verification of the programme.

The 'YMTB' and 'PWP' training programmes are not like school. These are comprehensive and flexible learning courses with no GCSE's to pass and no formal examinations. The qualification structure is accredited and is available on the Qualifications and Credit Framework. Qualifications are achieved with us by completing the units within training packs, these build into innovative portfolios and reference books packed with inforamtion and guidance.

The course resources are unique in that teenage mums to be were involved in the development of the original programme and both mums and dads-to-be have assisted updates. We are fortunate in that we are able to share best practice through the experience of our network of providers and the voluntary and statutory organisations with which we work. We are currently embedding the Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond philosophy and principles into our materials. Early intervention support and guidance has always been an important part of the YMTB and PWP programmes.

Projects act as a hub by drawing in agencies to support pregnant teenagers dads-to-be and young parents. A contract of delivery includes:
  • Internal Verification of Portfolios and Support Visit
  • Initial Tutor Training
  • Tutor Support Resources
  • Tutor Support Updates
  • Telephone, Web and eSupport
  • On-line Documentation

  • The WorkPacks:
  • Provide practical advice and guidance to help increase skills in the care of a child
  • Enable access to antenatal care and advice which is UNICEF UK - Baby Friendly Initiative approved and does not intimidate or patronise
  • Provide Training designed to address specific needs and concerns for example; breastfeeding, sexual health, contraception
  • Include Health Education with regard to diet, smoking, drugs, alcohol etc.
  • Help with Numeracy, ICT and Communication skills. Tuition is designed for those who have not achieved in these areas
  • Provide a means of bringing together isolated pregnant teenagers
  • Integrate confidence and self-esteem building tasks and assignments

Young women, pregnant for the first time, are more vulnerable, often single and frequently from challenging backgrounds. Young Dads often feel pushed out and isolated.

The programmes offer a wide range of support, skills and education to improve life styles and parenting skills, develop citizenship skills, gain confidence, continue education or enter the work place.

Our courses are delivered by a range of reputable organisations including; SureStart, Connexions, Children's Centres, YMCA Training, Action for Children, NACRO, Barnardos, Training organisations, Pupil Referral Units, Schools and Colleges.

Evaluation and Research Documents

    Our courses are being run successfully by providers nationally and the YMTB and PWP programmes are cited as case studies in a number of publications. The case studies in these documents refer specifically to the success of the provision, especially where this is linked to additional accredited and non accredited learning. The documents can be downloaded from our Links page.

    NIACE /The Basic Skills Agency/ YALP/ The National Youth Agency
    Raising aspirations: guidance for integrating literacy, language and numeracy into courses for young mums, dads and parents-to-be. See pages 22, 23, 48, 49 and 53.

    The Department of Health (DH) - Multi-agency working to support pregnant teenagers: A midwifery guide to partnership working with Connexions and other agencies
    This guide has been written with the aim of improving outcomes for pregnant teenagers and new teenage parents, particularly those under 18. See pages 16 and 19.

    The Department of Health (DH)- Teenage Parents Next Steps: Guidance for Local Authorities and Primary Care Trusts
    This document sets out how to give teenage mothers and young fathers the support they need to build successful lives for themselves and their children. See Case Studies on pages 29 and 57.

For Training Providers and other professional bodies interested in finding out more, please contact us.

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